Leoz, almendras cultivadas en Navarra
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The choice of our brand name is for historical reasons.

Part of our almond trees are located in the municipality of Torre de Leoz, which takes its name from the fact that it was formerly the site of a traditional stone farmhouse-tower (torre) coming under the feudal regime, and which protected the border of the Kingdom of Navarre.

Peña del Sol en Bardenas

Peasants lived there, responsible for watching over this area. The Peña del Sol crag, standing at a height of 290 metres, afforded them the best views of the border with the Kingdom of Aragon.

The peasants cultivated the surrounding fields for their own supply of food and for the landowner.

When the feudal regime came to an end in the first half of the 19th century, Leoz became part of the municipality of Fustiñana. In 1887 Torre de Leoz had 11 inhabitants, its population gradually decreased until, in 1981, only 2 inhabitants were left and it was later abandoned.

Today, it has a unique appearance with a wall sculpted by the wind and water and a watch window at one end from which vultures can commonly be seen flying over the area.

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