Cultivo de almendros en Navarra

Our history

My family has a long farming history stretching back over 6 generations dedicated to fruit tree growing (almonds, apples, peaches, cherries, etc.).

My grandfather planted his first almond trees in 1940. He loved his work and carefully tended the trees. He was familiar with each and every tree and he dedicated a great deal of time to looking after them.

He used to harvest by hand, shaking the trees with a pole and with canvases spread out on the ground. At the end of the season, he would store a number of sacks of almonds in the granary for our consumption.

Historia de la empresa Almendras Leoz
Campo de almendros en las Bardenas
Cultivo en la actualidad

Each week, my grandfather would crack the almonds open, resting on a tree trunk and using a hammer. My grandmother was responsible for roasting the almonds, and I can remember how she then used to divide them into glass jars for all the family. The aroma of roasted almonds pervaded her house.

My grandfather taught my father everything he knew about almond growing while my grandmother taught my mother how to roast the almonds. I’ve learned everything I know from my family’s experience in the sector.

Today, we still carefully tend the almond trees, although the harvesting is now done with a mechanical tree shaker, yet without damaging the trees.

We then spread the almonds out to dry in the sun and store them once they are completely dry, in order to ensure proper preservation.

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